Making a purchase 1. Choose one of the category icons (General, education, videos) 2. Add desired item to the shopping cart 3. Your chosen item is displayed. If you wish to purchase press the Checkout button. If you want further items press ‘confirm’ and repeat process for other items. 4. Once you proceed to ‘checkout’ you will need your credit card details and despatch address ready to input. Follow the requested information. 5. When you have made your purchase Channel Tunnel Publications will confirm your purchase via email. 6. Thank you for your order!

Tax charges - For orders made from the UK or the European Union, 17.5% VAT is added where applicable. There is no VAT on books.

Check out

Using the check out. Fill in all the details that are on the form, you can chose how many copyies you require. Once you have done that press the submit button. you will then be asked to check all the details you have in put, if they are incorrect press the cancel button, if you are happy with your order and details then press the confirm button