Q. How long is the Tunnel? A. The Tunnel length is 50.45 km (31.35 miles) overall, 38 km(24 miles) under the sea.

Q. How long does the journey take? A. 35 minutes from terminal to terminal, of which 26 minutes is spent travelling through the Tunnel at peak times.

Q. What is the Shuttle frequency? A. Up to 4 departures per hour at peak times.

Q. What is the depth beneath the seabed? A. Average depth is 45m (14ft), maximum 75m (246ft)

Q. How much did it cost to build the Channel Tunnel? A. At the time of opening, the Channel Tunnel had cost almost 9 billion. Abouit two-thirds of this sum was spent on constructing the system and its rolling stock. The remainder was made up of financing and corporate costs.

Q. How many tunnels are there? A. The system consists of three parallel tunnels two rail tunnels and a small service tunnel.